Bring in the BOLD.

Fashion is all about taking chances. It’s vulnerable in being. But that is needed, exploring vulnerability is the demand. However, some styles can be too risky for our comfort. Although this is the case, you shouldn’t veer away from them. Step up your A-game by sporting these styles.

Whilst most of us choose to stick to the more traditional styles in the fashion world, there are lots of risk takers out there.

So this look I created is more raw and rad. You see, this is what matters. Fashion is all about playing bold. You know you are doing it right when your style meets your comfort yet makes you stand out. And why not be different.

Got a pair of stockings not doing well? Use it the other way. What about your friend’s oversized denim jacket? And obviously you could consider the layering game as pretty much important. 

Whether you keep it subtle with a few edgy accessories such as a striking watch or take the plunge and pick an edgy outfit, there are no rules for personal style in fashion, so be bold and go for it!

Wearing –

Long button skirt from Forever21

Leather mini skirt from H&M

Top from Forever21


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