Let me take you back and remind you of the first moment we fell in love with the sports trend. Remember Stella’s SS13 show? 

Clean, modern and minimal with zero fuss, and she wasn’t the only one; the catwalks zinged with neoprene, technical fabrics, modern mesh, zips, track pants and sexy, sporty, wholesome body-con. The aesthetic was so refreshing we went gaga over the look.

 And as we glide into 2017’s new season with pre-collections calling our name, the sporty look, it would seem, is here to stay. New season sport is less Olympian, more street. Think of caps before those delicate hats, cool zippers instead of long flowing gowns. Feels so comfortable. Doesn’t it? 

It all started out with a whisper of sports and a whole lot of attitude. And then the inevitable happened: SPORTS FASHION GREW UP AND WITH IT, THE LINES BETWEEN STYLE AND CONVENIENCE GOT BLURRED. Now this trend screams to all of us to be comfortable in our tracksuits yet look chic at the same time. 

And this look is completely done to ensure that you walk in with the most comfort and still look your best. Gone are the days when little black dresses could only make us look gorgeous, infact here are the times to empower comfort over delicacies. And as bralettes have also made a back entry this season, I created something that would go hand in hand this summer. 

So be it pant suits or track suits, MONOCHROME IS OUR ALL TIME FAVORITE. And mixing it up with a bold color makes the look more appealing. It helps to enhance the black and white and embrace the outlook of the garment. 

What I did for this look is quite simple, yet interesting. Keeping in mind the elements of the sporty look which gets head turning needs to be there when creating a look. MESH FABRIC, COOL CAPS, LONG SIDE SLITS, SPORTY SHOES all this adds up to make you look in. 

So I took a black and white bralette and teamed it up with a mesh bomber jacket. And got my bright yellow pants tailored to get the slits. Wearing a black highwaist stalkings actually helped me fight out two things. One, to add an additional element to the look and the other is that it saves me from the tan too. And you see my shoes? 

They are one of my favorites not only because they are comfortable but also because they aesthetically give a more chic feel. Obviously, the cap is the most important part, that actually completes the look, you see. It makes me look cooler and is more of a every day style. 

Now it’s your turn to make it easier on you. Forget those mini skirts and get on to try something more sporty. Something that will bring you closer to just walk in style carefree. GET YOUR SNEAKERS WALKING, AND YOUR STYLE TALKING. 

Until next time,

Shubhi Kumar


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