The Achromatic Affair❣

One of the things I’ve noticed about fashion is that it’s not just our clothes that look great, the outfits always punctuated with great accessories make the look complete. Often great style is in the details.

Like fashion itself, the shapes, silhouettes and colors of accessories change with the times. Usually the coolest new looks are the hardest to find, but that trendy shoe or fresh from the runway necklace style can be combined with older clothes to create an outfit that looks new and fresh. For instance, to create this look, I ended up combining fashion trends of different years and put them together. Investing in some fun, new, trendy accessories can update your wardrobe for the season even if the current crop offashion trends aren’t to your taste.

And let’s face it, there are always some days that even if our wardrobes are full of clothes we have no clue about what to wear. So there comes achromatic dressing for rescue.

Achromatic means the absence of color.   Achromatic color schemes involve black, grey or white.  Grey is a combination of black and white so it may be paired with white or black or both and the combination always works. Pairing a crop top with a black knee length skirt does well. In particular, these combinations are said to be formal and work wear but power dressing when fused with cool accessories twists the complete look.

2015 was the year for the chokers. As they came down the runway , every girl had it already. They are still not off. Infact people have came up with interesting designs , materials, and ideas to keep them alive. And this one is my favorite because obviously it goes with the outfit but the combination of triangular ring with a circular pendant makes it a peice.

For spring/summer 2017, labels went above and beyond, to the point where we think the accessories this season were more outrageous than they’ve been in a very long time. The “little details” were weird and out-there, for sure. So I took forward the statement socks style and paired it oddly to bring in the detail to the look. These little eye catchy details are fun creating.

 Although with the garment I am playing safe but the socks add the required amount of risk and creativity any look needs to steel the show. They are a break from monotony.And wearing socks with heels changes the entire look giving it an edge over your normal skirt and top.

The achromatic color scheme works very well.  If you don’t know your color theory, play safe and do achromatic.  There’s no second guessing and you can never go wrong with this color scheme.

 Until next time,

Shubhi Kumar


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