My wardrobe was pretty occupied with a number of stunning Maxi dresses that I don’t really wear everyday. You know why? 

Because obviously they are pretty and pulling them off everyday is like a no no for me. They are beautiful evening maxis, that don’t work for everyday casual look. But there’s always a way to work things out. And layering is here to our rescue. 

Pairing it up with a punch of color never hurts. I paired a grey single strap maxi dress with a bold pink shirt to add drama. 

Also, keeping in mind the color tones, accessories have been minimal. Silver ear loops and geometric shaped rings have made the look work well.

You can even try prints and more neutral colors to your choice. And don’t forget to accessorize it with a smile.😄

Dress: Forever 21

Shirt: Levi’s

Shoes: H&M

Until next time, 




We’ve been longtime fans of a metallic item, and this is the kind of skirt you can feel fun and dressed up in.

Plus, it looks just as good with a pair of white sneakers as it does with tights and heels or boots.

But it comes to a point where we are stuck between a lot of glitter or too basic styles. 

And that’s why something like this really helps. Creating a tonal color variation and adding up denim jacket gives the look a whole new perspective. Just looking at the skirt, the idea of wearing it, might not be convincing but the complete outfit is surely my take on everyday styling.

And looking at the metallic pink and maroon together, i realized that this was the color duo i was looking for since forever. 

These chain bands? Ugghhh, one of my favorite must haves if you are a street style fan like me. This adds rawness to the look that I always look forward to. 

Keep experimenting and trying new stuff, after all, life is too short to wear boring outfits.

Until next time



A girl with a white button down shirt in her closet is known to have the versatility in her style. Trends don’t stay the same but a classic button down shirt will always remain our staple. Its one essential that can be either dressed up or dressed down. 

It can be tied or tucked, worn with sneakers or heels, anything and everything is possible with just one fashion statement. It looks chic during all times, ages and occasion. A white button down shirt is truly a wear anywhere for every girl out there.

This fashion staple can be styled down for day, up for night, and a myriad of ways in between.

And this look is just my favorite. You know why? Because I can carry this look wherever i want. Be it a party, or a friends get together, first day in college or a day at work. This look is never too much or too less but adds up to the perfect amount of elegance and smartness that we need in our outfits. 

I turned this shirt dress into an off-shoulder top by undoing some top buttons of the shirt. The bare shoulders actually gives the white shirt just another identity. The folded sleeves turn it into a more casual look.

The “Baroque inspired belt” adds a more feminine appeal and silhouette, yet holds the shirt in place. 

And obviously bell bottoms never fail to give us the perfect finish in the look. Not only they are a delight to eyes but they are an epitome of style. Elegant silhouettes that skim a woman’s curves just the right amount- like the flared leg does. 

Cat eye sunglasses are quite the craze due to the wear-ability for a wide range of faces. Sure these glasses add the perfect amount of drama needed to garnish the look with charm. And due to the number of variations each one of us can find a shape that flatters our face and our personal taste.

By the way, the red purse you see, is just to add some color. Last but not the least, the black kitten heels with front cut complete the look. 

The next time you are stuck or in doubt, these tricks will help you style with wherever you are headed. A white button down will stay a friend in need.
Until next time,


The Achromatic Affair❣

One of the things I’ve noticed about fashion is that it’s not just our clothes that look great, the outfits always punctuated with great accessories make the look complete. Often great style is in the details.

Like fashion itself, the shapes, silhouettes and colors of accessories change with the times. Usually the coolest new looks are the hardest to find, but that trendy shoe or fresh from the runway necklace style can be combined with older clothes to create an outfit that looks new and fresh. For instance, to create this look, I ended up combining fashion trends of different years and put them together. Investing in some fun, new, trendy accessories can update your wardrobe for the season even if the current crop offashion trends aren’t to your taste.

And let’s face it, there are always some days that even if our wardrobes are full of clothes we have no clue about what to wear. So there comes achromatic dressing for rescue.

Achromatic means the absence of color.   Achromatic color schemes involve black, grey or white.  Grey is a combination of black and white so it may be paired with white or black or both and the combination always works. Pairing a crop top with a black knee length skirt does well. In particular, these combinations are said to be formal and work wear but power dressing when fused with cool accessories twists the complete look.

2015 was the year for the chokers. As they came down the runway , every girl had it already. They are still not off. Infact people have came up with interesting designs , materials, and ideas to keep them alive. And this one is my favorite because obviously it goes with the outfit but the combination of triangular ring with a circular pendant makes it a peice.

For spring/summer 2017, labels went above and beyond, to the point where we think the accessories this season were more outrageous than they’ve been in a very long time. The “little details” were weird and out-there, for sure. So I took forward the statement socks style and paired it oddly to bring in the detail to the look. These little eye catchy details are fun creating.

 Although with the garment I am playing safe but the socks add the required amount of risk and creativity any look needs to steel the show. They are a break from monotony.And wearing socks with heels changes the entire look giving it an edge over your normal skirt and top.

The achromatic color scheme works very well.  If you don’t know your color theory, play safe and do achromatic.  There’s no second guessing and you can never go wrong with this color scheme.

 Until next time,

Shubhi Kumar


Let me take you back and remind you of the first moment we fell in love with the sports trend. Remember Stella’s SS13 show? 

Clean, modern and minimal with zero fuss, and she wasn’t the only one; the catwalks zinged with neoprene, technical fabrics, modern mesh, zips, track pants and sexy, sporty, wholesome body-con. The aesthetic was so refreshing we went gaga over the look.

 And as we glide into 2017’s new season with pre-collections calling our name, the sporty look, it would seem, is here to stay. New season sport is less Olympian, more street. Think of caps before those delicate hats, cool zippers instead of long flowing gowns. Feels so comfortable. Doesn’t it? 

It all started out with a whisper of sports and a whole lot of attitude. And then the inevitable happened: SPORTS FASHION GREW UP AND WITH IT, THE LINES BETWEEN STYLE AND CONVENIENCE GOT BLURRED. Now this trend screams to all of us to be comfortable in our tracksuits yet look chic at the same time. 

And this look is completely done to ensure that you walk in with the most comfort and still look your best. Gone are the days when little black dresses could only make us look gorgeous, infact here are the times to empower comfort over delicacies. And as bralettes have also made a back entry this season, I created something that would go hand in hand this summer. 

So be it pant suits or track suits, MONOCHROME IS OUR ALL TIME FAVORITE. And mixing it up with a bold color makes the look more appealing. It helps to enhance the black and white and embrace the outlook of the garment. 

What I did for this look is quite simple, yet interesting. Keeping in mind the elements of the sporty look which gets head turning needs to be there when creating a look. MESH FABRIC, COOL CAPS, LONG SIDE SLITS, SPORTY SHOES all this adds up to make you look in. 

So I took a black and white bralette and teamed it up with a mesh bomber jacket. And got my bright yellow pants tailored to get the slits. Wearing a black highwaist stalkings actually helped me fight out two things. One, to add an additional element to the look and the other is that it saves me from the tan too. And you see my shoes? 

They are one of my favorites not only because they are comfortable but also because they aesthetically give a more chic feel. Obviously, the cap is the most important part, that actually completes the look, you see. It makes me look cooler and is more of a every day style. 

Now it’s your turn to make it easier on you. Forget those mini skirts and get on to try something more sporty. Something that will bring you closer to just walk in style carefree. GET YOUR SNEAKERS WALKING, AND YOUR STYLE TALKING. 

Until next time,

Shubhi Kumar


Greenery is not just a color but an expression.

 “It bursts forth in 2017 to provide us with the reassurance we yearn for amid a tumultuous social and political environment. Satisfying our growing desire to rejuvenate and revitalize, Greenery symbolizes the reconnection we seek with nature, one another and a larger purpose.” 

And don’t you feel we need it, it’s time to not only preserve nature but to grow with it? So this look is a complete tribute to the “NATURE’S NEUTRAL. 

Putting an object to the use it performs than it was made for, does wonders. And as the color delivers the thought to revive, I used a lime green inch tape as a belt to enrich the look. 

Besides coming up with interesting ideas, pairing it up well really counts. You need to know how, and what because you speak your minds through fashion. So for this look, I did use shades to create a hierarchy. I have used a light colored belt (lime green inch tape) because I wanted it to be the highlight of the look. And an eccentric lime colored high neck top paired up with high waist dark pants to balance the look.

 So you just need to be wise when you style yourself. Your looks are a definition of who you are. 

Don’t worry about doing it wrong. Don’t wait until you know it all or have it all. Just ease in and take advantage of everything creativity has to offer. 

Just in case you are having a bad day, you can treat yourself by looking gorgeous and different at the same time. Check your wardrobes, maybe you find something interesting to wear.

Until next time, 

Shubhi Kumar

Bring in the BOLD.

Fashion is all about taking chances. It’s vulnerable in being. But that is needed, exploring vulnerability is the demand. However, some styles can be too risky for our comfort. Although this is the case, you shouldn’t veer away from them. Step up your A-game by sporting these styles.

Whilst most of us choose to stick to the more traditional styles in the fashion world, there are lots of risk takers out there.

So this look I created is more raw and rad. You see, this is what matters. Fashion is all about playing bold. You know you are doing it right when your style meets your comfort yet makes you stand out. And why not be different.

Got a pair of stockings not doing well? Use it the other way. What about your friend’s oversized denim jacket? And obviously you could consider the layering game as pretty much important. 

Whether you keep it subtle with a few edgy accessories such as a striking watch or take the plunge and pick an edgy outfit, there are no rules for personal style in fashion, so be bold and go for it!

Wearing –

Long button skirt from Forever21

Leather mini skirt from H&M

Top from Forever21